Chicago, USA, 375mL 43% Alc / Vol

“Susan for President is an homage to my Aunt Susan, an artist, sculptor, connoisseur of finer things and true original,” said KOVAL co-founder and president Sonat Birnecker Hart. “As part of her artistic approach to life, she casually campaigned for President of the World, passing out calling cards adorned with humorous, often risqué illustrations, and slogans such as ‘Up with fun in 91,’ and ‘I’m with you in ’92.’ The promotion of her unattainable goal had little to do with becoming president of anything; she hated bureaucracy. Rather, she campaigned as a celebration of art, the joys of life, and the constant striving to be the greatest version of oneself imaginable.”

“A traditional peach brandy this is not. And a traditional peach brandy design this is not, which is fitting since Susan was not a traditional woman,” said Oona Hart, principal art director of award-winning brand identity firm Dando Projects, and Sonat’s sister. “She never went unnoticed, and we wanted the brandy in her name to be radiant and memorable.”

86 proof. Small batch. Organic. Kosher.

  • Organic Certified

    Organic Certified

    No added preservative nor pesticide. KOVAL Whiskeys are Organic Certified to bring the best taste possible.

  • Local CO-OP

    Local CO-OP

    KOVAL distillery sources all their ingredients from local organic farmers around the region of Chicago, IL. Even the water is sourced locally.
    KOVAL controls every step of the spirit-making process to deliver the best possible quality whiskeys.

  • SUSAN FOR PRESIDENT Peach Tasting notes

    SUSAN FOR PRESIDENT Peach Tasting notes

    ✔ Nose: peach skin, nectarine flesh, sandalwood, toasted vanilla, spring flowers, and baked acacia honey
    ✔ Mouth: admirably silky and shows whiskey and barrel flavours
    ✔ Finish: stone fruit and spicy cocoa