Sichuan, China, 700mL, 43% Alc / Vol

Ingredients: Water, Sorghum, Glutinous Rice, Rice, Wheat and Corn

HKB baijius are made entirely of organic ingredients. Each spirit is a handcrafted small-batch liquor blended to perfection according to ancientIt is then distilled in an Italian grappa still and then aged for four years in traditional clay vats before bottling. Chinese techniques passed down through the centuries by master distillers. Before bottling, HKB is refined through a filtering process to remove impurities and enhance the very unique aromas of a multi-secular distillate into a smooth, still complex and aromatic spirit.

Smooth. Complex. Aromatic.

  • The gateway to China

    The gateway to China

    Hong Kong Baijiu is made from Organic ingredients. Hong Kong Baijiu is the first traditional Chinese alcohol to be replicated outside of Asia. Hong Kong Baijiu is produced with respect to the tradition of Sichuan strong style, characterised by fruity aromas and some sweetness. The name is a tribute to Hong Kong symbolising the western gateway to China.

  • HKB Tasting notes

    HKB Tasting notes

    ✔ Colour: Crystal clear
    ✔ Nose: Delicate nose with notes of red fruits, green
    ✔ Mouth: Attractive sweetness; subtle favours of fruit and toffee
    ✔ Finish: Long and fragrant finish

  • HKB Awards

    HKB Awards

    ✔ Gold Medal – New York World Spirits Competition 2015

    ✔ Gold Medal – The Spirits Business Asian Masters Competition 2015

    ✔ Silver Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015


  • HKB Drinking Suggestions

    HKB Drinking Suggestions

    Beijing Iced Tea: HKB, Aperol, Champagne reduction, Marco Polo back tea.
    Hong Kong Spring Punch: HKB, Fresh lychee, Raspberry Lemongrass, Champagne, Citrus.