France, 350mL, 22% Alc / Vol

Enjoy the fresh taste of the pomegranate without having to figure out how to open one!

Made using pomegranates, known in ancient cultures as the ‘fruit of
paradise’, grown in Fairtrade co-ops in Uzbekistan. The essence of
the fruit is extracted through a maceration process. It undergoes a
slow and progressive reduction by adding Fairtrade liquid sugar
from Malawi and Paraguay and demineralised water.

All the ingredients used in FAIR. Pomegranate Liqueur are made from organic high quality raw materials, gluten-free, Fairtrade™ certified. With no additives, the colour is natural so is the taste.

  • Low Sugar

    Low Sugar

    Because we want a high quality liqueur that delivers an amazing balance between sweetness and alcohol.

  • 100% Natural

    100% Natural

    No added colorant nor sweetener. This liqueur is made with only natural organic ingredients to bring the best taste possible.

  • FAIR Pomegranate – Tasting notes

    FAIR Pomegranate – Tasting notes

    ✔ Colour: Clear, crimson red
    ✔ Nose: Jammy pomegranate and cranberry with hints of cherry
    ✔ Palate: Rich and sweet pomegranate flavour balanced by a tart acidity
    ✔ Finish: Fresh and sweet pomegranate finish

  • Pomegranate – LOVE A FAIR

    Pomegranate – LOVE A FAIR

    Try out the FAIR. Pomegranate Ducktator: 60mL FAIR. Rum, 20mL FAIR. Pomegranate, 10mL lemon juice, 10mL lime juice, 60mL pomegranate juice, 10mL and 10mL Falernum Monin syrup

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