Central Asia, 500mL 42% Alc / Vol

The botanicals used in FAIR Gin are sourced in the Cognac region of France and across Central Asia through local organic co-ops.

The spiced gin is made from juniper berries along with its other botanicals (coriander, cardamom, angelica roots and grains of paradise) which are all macerated for one week during production.

All the ingredients are distilled once in a Stupfler still (a type of alambic copper still). Finally it is micro-distilled and bottled in the Cognac region of France.

The gin tastes soft and delicate on the palate moving to a fresh and strong juniper flavour with an exquisite balance of fragrant spices.

  • FAIR. Gin tasting notes

    FAIR. Gin tasting notes

    ✔ Style: Crystal clear
    ✔ Nose: Juniper led fresh, leafy nose with fragrant coriander and cardamom, peppery grains of paradise and citrusy aromas
    ✔ Palate: Clear and led by juniper and coriander with zesty citrus and mild spice
    ✔ Finish: Rich old-fashioned liquorice becomes evident and coats the tongue to the end of the finish

  • Local CO-OP

    Local CO-OP

    FAIR has partnered with a co-op of farmers in Central Asia who produce the organic and ethical botanicals. FAIR also sources local organic ingredients in the Cognac region of France.



    A classic G&T or in a cucumber gimlet, however you love your FAIR Gin, you know the world is that little bit better for each sip you take.

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