FAIR Barrel Aged Gin

Central Asia, 500mL 42% Alc / Vol

The FAIR. line is produced using Organic and Fairtrade Certified ingredients grown using no chemicals, preservatives or pesticides.

FAIR. Barrel Aged Gin is a product of a collaboration with an Organic Co-op of farmers in Central Asia. The organic juniper berries are sourced from a nature reserve in Central Asia. The Fairtrade spices are grown in the Kerala region of South West India.

Agriculture is the chief source of income for the mainly rural population, but many farmers live below the poverty line. This cooperative of nearly 3050 farmers has three main objectives: to increase production, develop the social environment and promote and develop organic production.

This unique gin is aged for a minimum of 3 months in French cognac oaks from which originate the spicy notes and freshness. 

  • Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

    For those of us whose bodies deserve to be looked after.

  • FAIR. Barrel Aged Gin tasting notes

    FAIR. Barrel Aged Gin tasting notes

    ✔ Style: Light golden colour
    ✔ Nose: Caramel, citrus fruits, coffee beans
    ✔ Mouth: Fresh and spicy with notes of pine and citrus fruits
    ✔ Finish: Spruce, tobacco

  • Local CO-OP

    Local CO-OP

    FAIR has partnered with a co-op of farmers in Central Asia who produce the organic and ethical botanicals. FAIR also sources local organic ingredients in the Cognac region of France.



    A classic G&T or in a cucumber gimlet, however you love your FAIR Gin, you know the world is that little bit better for each sip you take.

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