Erina, Australia, 700mL 42% Alc / Vol

Enfleurage – the ancient French method of extracting aromatic fragrances from flowers using natural coconut oil, it is used to capture the pure essence of Murraya flowers without the use of heat.
Distillation by vapour infusion to enhance the top aromatic notes of pine and herbs Maceration followed by traditional copper pot distillation to bring out the base woody and resinous characters.
Separate distillations occur for each individual plant in order to remove the undesirable aromas and flavours of the head and tail fractions – resulting in the perfect heart.

  • Awards


    ✔ Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016

  • Distillery Botanica Gin tasting notes

    Distillery Botanica Gin tasting notes

    ✔ Style: Crystal clear, shows good viscosity.
    ✔ Nose: Pure and ultra fresh with a juniper and black pepper base overlaid by sweet floral top notes.
    ✔ Mouth: Creamy yet vibrant entry with a seamless integration of juniper / herbal / floral flavours.
    ✔ Finish: Delicate and multi-layered. Tongue tingling conclusion – peppery, fresh, long.

  • Australian made

    Australian made

    Distillery Botanica gin is lovingly handcrafted in Erina, on the coast north of Sydney, Australia. It’s here that Phillip Moore grows and handpicks the botanicals that give this gin its distinctive character.
    Philip believes that the fresher the botanicals the more fragrant the gin. And it’s that scent that we love most.

  • Drinking Suggestions

    Drinking Suggestions

    With semillon, tonic water and a lemon wedge to garnish. Or in a Garden Martini a cocktail made by the talented Tim Philips (Dead Ringer bar in Sydney): Distillery Botanica Gin, vermouth and benedictine, served with a few drops of herb and olive oil.