KOVAL Bourbon Whiskey

Single Barrel. Unfiltered. Heart cut. Organic.

KOVAL Four Grain Whiskey

Single Barrel. Unfiltered. Heart cut. Organic.

KOVAL Millet Whiskey

Single Barrel. Unfiltered. Heart cut. Organic.

KOVAL Rye Whiskey

Single Barrel. Unfiltered. Heart cut. Organic.



94 Proof. Small batch. Organic.

KOVAL Barreled Gin

Single Barrel. Unfiltered. Heart cut. Organic.

SUSAN FOR PRESIDENT Barreled Peach Brandy

Ethereal and Delicate. Special Edition.

SUSAN FOR PRESIDENT Barreled Prune Brandy

Bright and Elegant. Special Edition.


FAIR. Vodka

A new generation of vodka.

FAIR. Barrel Aged Vodka

Aged in Cognac barrels. Special edition.


A real charmer of a rum.


A beautiful spiced gin.

FAIR. Açaí Liqueur

Made from organic superfood berries grown in Brazil, filled with antioxidants.

FAIR. Pomegranate Liqueur

Enjoy the delicious taste of the pomegranate without having to figure out how to open one.

Garden Grown Gin

The essence of the Australian summer garden.

Botanic Garden Grown Gin

Limited Edition collaboration with iconic Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan.

Château Les Mesclances Romane Rosé

Elegant. Structured. Aromatic.

Château Les Mesclances Romane Rouge

Well-balanced. Delightful. Full bodied.

Château Les Mesclances Saint Honorat Rosé

Round. Fresh. Lively.

Château Les Mesclances Saint Honorat Blanc

Round. Elegant. Aromatic.

Château Les Mesclances Charmes Rosé

Lively. Crisp. Sweet.

Frerejean Frères Brut Premier Cru NV

Rich and fresh.

Frerejean Frères Blanc de Blancs NV

Oppulent and Delicate.

Frerejean Frères Cuveé des Hussards 2007

Powerful and expressive.

Artisan Classic London Tonic

Suave & Classic. Funky & Modern.
Craft Tonic. Non-Alcoholic.

Artisan Skinny London Tonic

Low Calorie Beauty.
Craft Tonic. Non-Alcoholic.

Artisan Violet Blossom Tonic

Blossom for All Seasons.
Craft Tonic. Non-Alcoholic.

Artisan Barrel Smoked Cola

Seriously Adult Cola.
Craft Cola. Non-Alcoholic.

FAIR. Barrel Aged Gin

Aged in Cognac oak barrels.

FAIR. Café Liqueur

A true taste of freshly roasted coffee.

FAIR. Goji Liqueur

A high quality liqueur full bodied and rich.

FAIR. Kumquat Liqueur

Made from organic kumquat. A game changer bringing a funky touch to your cocktails.


SASSY Pear Cider

Lively and tasty.

SASSY Apple Cider

Soft and elegant.

SASSY Rosé Cider

Crisp and fruity.

HKB Hong Kong Baijiu

The gateway to Chinese spirits.

Old Sport Whisky

Rare Highland Malt.

Fishers Gin

Pure and wild like the open sea.


Stache House Cold Brew Coffee