Noble Spirits not only imports and distributes fine authentic spirits and wine to Australia, but also hosts events to help showcase our amazing products.

We offer a variety of events run by industry experts to help you learn all you need to know about spirits and wine. Our main events are masterclasses, food and alcohol pairing sessions, workshops and team building sessions. See below for further information.

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Live Authentic. Drink Noble.



Would you like to learn about the amazing, yet complex, world of spirits and wine? Our masterclasses are the perfect event for you. We specially shape our masterclasses to fit your needs. Our industry experts will teach you all you need to know about spirits and wine whilst you taste several premium drinks.

• 1-2.5 hours
• Industry expert in attendance
• Sampling of drinks
• Food (optional)

• Wine tasting
• Champagne tasting
• Whisky masterclass
• Gin masterclass


Food and alcohol are most enjoyable when served as a pair. During these sessions, our industry experts will teach you some great tips to create the perfect food and alcohol pairings. You will also get to experience some delicious platters paired perfectly with some drinks, that will no doubt inspire you to pair food and alcohol at home too.

• 1.5- 3 hours
• Industry expert in attendance

• Wine and cheese pairing
• Gin dinner
• Whisky dinner
• Vodka and caviar pairing


Great cocktails and drinks don’t always have to come from a bar, you can make amazing drinks at home as well. In our speciality workshops, you learn a variety of recipes that will help you take your favourite drinks to a whole new level. Taste and experiment with some great flavour combinations throughout this and take home your favourite recipes.

• 1.5–3 hours
• Industry expert in attendance

• DIY cocktails
• DIY cooking with liqueurs


At Noble Spirits, we curate educational and enjoyable team building events. Provide us with your budget, and we will look after you personally, shaping the perfect event to suit you.

Why Noble Spirits?
• Curation of a unique and specific event by our event team
• Fitting to the price provided
• Focus on high quality products
• Focus on social responsibility and low intervention products