Noble Know How: Garden Grown Gin – La technique de l’enfleurage

Distillery Botanica Gin Noble Know How

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Do you know how to make your gin bloom…the guys at Distillery Botanica do… 

Award winning Master Distiller Philip Moore and Co-Founders Frank Bethel and Will Miles set out to create a gin that captured the essence of the Australian summer garden. Moore produces the gin using the increasingly rare process of ‘enfleurage’, a thousand-year-old French technique favoured by perfumers, which extracts untainted perfume from the quintessentially Australian Murraya flower, to create its distinct flavour. “The method captures ingredients as purely as possible, without the use of heat, and makes the delicate Murraya come alive” says Moore. With cues of Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Orange Blossom, the gin distils the essence of a fresh Australian summer garden.


The process begins with Moore, whose decades of experience, understanding of botanicals and knowledge as a celebrated herb specialist, brings a finesse to extracting fine fragrances from the botanicals. He distils each one separately, respecting their special flavours and characteristics, before meticulously blending them together.


“The garden is our muse, we see what is growing and form ideas from that,’ says Miles, Brand Director. ‘It is a really natural process,” he continued, “there will be variations as to what botanicals we might use, depending on what is growing. The flavour will stay consistent but those with a serious nose might pick up subtle variations.”

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