A SASSY Summer




For over 20 years, Pierre-Emmanuel (left) and Xavier (right) have grown together in Normandy. Their ambition is to bring back to life the first alcoholic beverage consumed in the life of every respectable young Norman: Cider.

Driven by the desire to offer a quality French craft product and by the desire to return to their roots, they want to develop a resolutely modern product but forgot despite its many energetic and gustatory qualities.

Pierre-Emmanuel and Xavier, with the support of a winemaker with a recognised know-how, have been developing their project for more than a year, culminating today with the launch of SASSY, the first contemporary brand of cider made in France.


Surrounded by amazing gardens, forests and of course, orchards, the Château de Sassy has a long and remarkable history intertwined with one of the famous regional beverage: Cider.

As opposed to England, Australia and the United States as well– where both entrepreneurs have lived – the cider industry has experienced a boom amongst young people. In order to develop an innovative product that respects traditions, they have linked with local producers and a renowned master chai to create carefully reworked recipes inspired by the cider served at the Château de Sassy.


Pushing the boundaries in the world of cider, SASSY embodies the return of the ‘real taste’, with a modern spirit. Simply, SASSY aims for excellence. Firstly, with its origins of Made in Normadie: from the carefully selected varieties of apples and pears, to the bottling, all is 100% locally sourced. Finally, SASSY creations are exclusively derived from an extraction process that does not use additives nor concentrates to ensure the finished product is completely natural.

Resulting from the artisanal press, the aromas of the fruit are enhanced, they exude a taste of freshness and reveal a well-balanced flavour. Originating from Normandy, at Château de Sassy, over generations the tradition of cider and calvados making has been preserved at Xavier’s family owned property. The founders’ vision is to revolutionise the perception of artisanal cider – perceived as an old fashioned local drink.



The Fritz

60mL SASSY rosé cider
20mL St-Germain
40mL bitters
20mL sparkling water
One slice of lemon

Served in a wine glass with ice.

The Hanami

SASSY Perry Cider
Apple brandy
Dash of agave syrup
Lemon juice

Silver Fizz

30mL SASSY Apple Cider
30mL apricot liquor
30mL gin
20mL lemon juice
15mL liquid sugar
1/2 egg white
Some smoked tea sprayings

Noble Know How: Cider Production – Méthode Champagnoise

Cider Noble Know How

Your regular nugget of Noble alcohol industry knowledge…

First off this month might be of interest to any bubble-lovers out there.

You may have heard that the best Champagnes and sparkling wines are made using the méthode champenoise which requires a secondary fermentation in the bottle but did you know that the same method is used within the cider-making industry?

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Méthode champenoise is sometimes thought of being the ultimate way of avoiding a ‘yeast problem’ through any fermentation process. In many processes the yeast will form a deposit in the bottle which can create a heavy and coarse flavour. In this other method, the yeast is removed by inverting and turning the bottle in stages until it is all collected in the neck. It is then frozen in an ice-salt mixture, the bottle opened, the frozen yeast plug forced out by gas pressure, and the bottle is topped up and resealed before the majority of the gas can escape. The quality of such ciders is legendary, although for obvious reasons they are labour-intensive to produce.

Our delicious Sassy ciders are produced using this method which we think makes them even MORE special.