Noble Spirits is an Australian based company that imports and distributes fine authentic spirits and wine in Australia and New Zealand.

The company was established in late 2013 in recognition of the growing aspiration of Australian consumers to appreciate more genuine and higher quality alcoholic beverages.

There is increasing understanding that too often large alcohol beverage corporations are developing brands that are not necessarily best for the people, the community or the environment. They might focus on minimising costs in order to maximise their long term profits: rums with added colorant to look older than they really are or flavoured vodkas to hide a medicinal harsh taste.

Australian consumers are however becoming much more discerning and concerned about what they drink. There is clearly an increasing demand for more authentic drinks that bring a positive impact to the people or to the community. This shift in thinking is at the heart of Noble Spirits and that is why we were created.

We are a young and innovative company positioned at the high end of alcohol brands. Our mission is to enrich alcohol brand choices for consumers and bring greater value to customers.

We are the proud partner of FAIR® Spirits Company the world’s first line of spirits produced with Fairtrade Certified™ ingredients and look to expand our portfolio quickly with like-minded brands.


Grégoire Bertaud, founder and Managing Director of Noble Spirits Pty Ltd, has had over eight years of consulting and marketing experience in the Wine and Spirits Industry. He discovered his passion for fine alcoholic beverages whilst working for Grand Marnier® in the UK. With his experience in the UK, France and Australia, he has a global knowledge of consumer needs and future trends.

Outside of his work life, if you can’t find Grégoire in a great cocktail bar or a nice restaurant, you might find him kitesurfing in one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches.